Just thought I’d document some of the weird pick up lines I’ve heard since moving here.

“hellll yeahh girlll..exercise”

“bounce dat”

“I see a pretty young lady like yourself walking and im fixing to give me a ride”

“come on pretty baby”

“that ass is right”

Three of those were this week and other are just off the top of my head.

Anyway lately I’ve been drinking a lot of wine and today I finally manned up and did some high intensity exercise, I’m ready for visitors COME AND GET ME MARDI GRAS!!!! *cant contain excitement* GOOOOOOOO


Picture recap

It’s the funniest thing, I had yesterday off work for a SNOW DAY! it was really just ice and freezing temps but to move to NOLA from Oregon and have a snow day in January? And this weekend its going to be 70 again! so funny ! Today I made it into work from 10-2 and felt really accomplished to be able to get all my email and little time consuming tasks out of the way. I was one of only four people in my office that made it into work. There are normally 18 of us there-the Oregon temp (im not technically a Sabine employee until they hire me formally in March)  made it in against all odds! Its 34 degrees right now and supposed to be hard freeze tonight. Some wacky stuff. Anyway I can’t really motivate myself to write a substantial post (or workout for that matter) so I decided to share some pics of the last couple months. Lots more to come as I get caught up.

A picture from my short stint as a manager at Greenberry's Coffe Co.

A picture from my short stint as a manager at Greenberry’s Coffee Co.

A picture from my short lived time as a manager at Jo-Ann


First week at Sabine Surveyors (pre haircut!)

Shrimp Po Boy from Cajun Persuasion


Our dining/kitchen area – Jim put up the photo collage


Fleur de lis went up on the wall!


I read DIVERGENT Jan 2014 and want to read the whole trilogy


The Kitchen Cart arrived and Jimmy assembled it for me!!

Palm trees Downtown

Palm trees Downtown


Admin girls hazed CJ with circus flyers


Walking into work- Sabine parking garage


Selfie from this weekend Jan 25th 2014


2014 resolutions

IMG_3208 IMG_3211 IMG_3279Pics from a date night in 2014 and one of me “dance exercising”

-Write in blog once a week (im trying ok)

– 30 active minutes a day (and meet my goals according to fit bit)

-Take the stairs 6 flights up to my office everytime (can cheat fridays if earned it)

-Listen to myself and put my body first in my decisions (regarding eating/exercise)

-Be the best GF, and person I can -I will be myself and say what I feel at all times with no fear and always do my best.

-In March have a house meeting- get budget on track with new incomes (JIm and I have set a savings goal for Jan 2015)

-Write down every single thing I eat for first three months of the year (I got sidetracked Jan. 10th and with having the kids over for a sleepover sat. night haven’t gotten back on track)

-by January 2015 I have completely edited and rewritten my novel

Great things we did in 2013

2013 was a great year!!    Blessed was the theme of 2013 in my mind and in our lives. Having the audacity to leave everyone and everything behind to venture into the great wide open on an epic road trip with my lover? I didn’t think I had it in me! Jim and I reminisce about our first weeks in NOLA and how nothing will ever feel quite like it. We had made it- our pockets were lighter but our hearts were full. I’ll never forget driving to my first job in downtown New Orleans (supervisor at a coffee shop) I would be driving to work at 430 in the morning crying to myself in happiness that I had made it- Jim and I were making it on our own- we had jobs and I get to see something new everyday! Drive past the Super Dome to go to work! Of course I have my home sickness and cry over songs on the radio missing my family, but I’m also proud that I can say I had the most awesome Christmas and Thanksgiving and Birthday, somehow without any of the most important people. Jimmy and I had the time of our lives with only each other. This city is a little magic.

2013 Fun events with Jimmy-

January- I got a job at Holy Cow (Jim worked security)

Feb 2013- we saw the movie MAMA in theaters (LOOOOVED IT) and went out to eat at Hop Valley

March (spring break)-House sat my Aunt Kathy’s house and had fun playing with Freddy and Vito

June- amazing road trip to MOVE TO NEW ORLEANS LA and ARRIVE IN NOLA 6/28/13 -Grace and I ran to each other with open arms

-Fun on the road trip included california adventures with Tanya, amazing food and hotel luxury, underground caves in Carlsbad, New Mexico and a whole lots of inside jokes and memories we will cherish for ever!

July- Jim’s birthday! –

We both got jobs -JIm at Pizza hut, Myself at Greenberry’s coffee

The two week period that we were living at Kenny’s between the Krzenski’s and our appartment. Some of the most classic NOLA memories begin at the house next door to the Krzenskis

September-Quit at Greenberry’s and got a job at JoAnn fabrics that I walked to and home from,

October-Jim took me to see The Book of Mormon at the Saenger Theater and then we went to dinner and explored Bourbon and Royal for hours. There ended up being a Halloween parade on Canal street we stayed to watch and collected candy!

November-The day before my bday I get a call from Adeeta that I got a much higher paying job I interviewed for weeks prior!! I now work at Sabine Surveyors! (3 jobs this year!)

My 24th birthday – shopping spree, lunch at Emeril’s NOLA, zoo what more could a girl ask for!

Thanksgiving with the Krzenski’s – we all crammed into Rob’s awesome zen retreat and enjoyed a delicious meal and family time

December- Christmas and leading up to it this whole year was magical. In spite of missing my family and home deeply I did not miss the cold! I instituted a new tradition this year its called 24 days of togetherness I got the idea from this blog post. We really played up the holiday season and spoiled each other. It may be my best Christmas ever, even though on xmas day Jim and I had to go prep dough at the Hut at least it was the prelude to driving around to look at Christmas lights.


Many, many times hanging out with Tara after work

Many, many sleepovers at Jimmy’s

Friday night Game nights at my parents house

We were blessed this year, by our family and friends, during our move and in our relationship. Let’s make 2014 even better!!!

My next post will be my new years resolutions one of which is to write a post once a week!