2014 resolutions

IMG_3208 IMG_3211 IMG_3279Pics from a date night in 2014 and one of me “dance exercising”

-Write in blog once a week (im trying ok)

– 30 active minutes a day (and meet my goals according to fit bit)

-Take the stairs 6 flights up to my office everytime (can cheat fridays if earned it)

-Listen to myself and put my body first in my decisions (regarding eating/exercise)

-Be the best GF, and person I can -I will be myself and say what I feel at all times with no fear and always do my best.

-In March have a house meeting- get budget on track with new incomes (JIm and I have set a savings goal for Jan 2015)

-Write down every single thing I eat for first three months of the year (I got sidetracked Jan. 10th and with having the kids over for a sleepover sat. night haven’t gotten back on track)

-by January 2015 I have completely edited and rewritten my novel


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