Picture recap

It’s the funniest thing, I had yesterday off work for a SNOW DAY! it was really just ice and freezing temps but to move to NOLA from Oregon and have a snow day in January? And this weekend its going to be 70 again! so funny ! Today I made it into work from 10-2 and felt really accomplished to be able to get all my email and little time consuming tasks out of the way. I was one of only four people in my office that made it into work. There are normally 18 of us there-the Oregon temp (im not technically a Sabine employee until they hire me formally in March)  made it in against all odds! Its 34 degrees right now and supposed to be hard freeze tonight. Some wacky stuff. Anyway I can’t really motivate myself to write a substantial post (or workout for that matter) so I decided to share some pics of the last couple months. Lots more to come as I get caught up.

A picture from my short stint as a manager at Greenberry's Coffe Co.

A picture from my short stint as a manager at Greenberry’s Coffee Co.

A picture from my short lived time as a manager at Jo-Ann


First week at Sabine Surveyors (pre haircut!)

Shrimp Po Boy from Cajun Persuasion


Our dining/kitchen area – Jim put up the photo collage


Fleur de lis went up on the wall!


I read DIVERGENT Jan 2014 and want to read the whole trilogy


The Kitchen Cart arrived and Jimmy assembled it for me!!

Palm trees Downtown

Palm trees Downtown


Admin girls hazed CJ with circus flyers


Walking into work- Sabine parking garage


Selfie from this weekend Jan 25th 2014



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